How to reach

   Transportation options to reach the Gurudwara

By Taxi: 

Taxi fare is usually  about 35€ + 4.50€ airport tax. You should tell the driver that go to the High way No -M45 and from M45 take exit No- 7 for gurudwara (Villaverde Alto), or if he come via Highway No-A 42 then take exit No-9B for Gurudwara. It is recommended not to go with strangers that sometimes offer services from inside the airport. The taxi fare is always indicated on the taxi meter in the cab, and it is unadvisable (and illegal) to make a deal on a ¨closed prise¨ with the taxi driver. The trip between the airport and the Gurudwara can vary between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on traffic and the time of day. The taxi is the most comfortable between the airport and the Gurudwara, especially when travelling with luggage and not knowing how to arrive at destination.

By Car:

Gurudwara Gurudwara is well connected by road from any part of the Madrid. Gurudwara is connected by two highways M45 and A-42. Take exit No. 7 coming by M45. Take exit No. 9B coming by A-42.

By Metro:    

The metro station is easily accessible from the airport – indeed its part of the airport complex. Taking the metro to Gurudwara is comfortable, fast (about 40 minutes to Villaverde Alto), inexpensive and efficient. You can buy metro tickets in the station—this is easy using ticket machines but there is also a ticket office here. Buy a 10-journey ticket for approx 9.80 euros otherwise I think its 1,50€ for a single journey. 10-journey tickets can be used by several people sharing. The metro runs from 6 a.m. to 2.a.m. Please follows the bellow steps to arrive Gurudwara from Airport or Embassy.

Airport To Gurudwara, Madrid

At Airpot Take line 8(Pink Line,L8) from the airport. Metro: Change at Station – Nuevo Ministerios for line 6 (Grey Line, L10) in the direction to Moncloa station Metro: Change at station – Take line 3 (Yellow Line, L3) for a Villaverde Alto last stop of this line.

Embassy To Gurudwara, Madrid     

At Pio XII, take line No- 9 (Dark Voilet Line, L9) from the Embassy ,Change at station- Plaza de Castilla  for Metro 1(Light Blue Line, L1),Change at Metro station – Sol for Metro (Yellow Line, L3) to direction Villaverde Alto and keep down at last stop Villaverde Alto.