Gurudwara Nanaksar Madrid (Since 2008) Madrid Spain

The sikh community had been wishing for long time to have a Gurudwara in Madrid. It was a challenge for the small Sikh community, which consists of only a dozen of families, to take the initiative and persuade other Indians to contribute funds to start the Gurudwara. Finally, the Gurudwara was opened in Madrid on 8th of August 2008. The Gurudwara is little bit small but it is buzz with activity of daily prayers on all days and community meals called langars , every Sunday attracting large numbers of sikh devotees.

The locality here consists of a mix of people from several nationalities typically Asians (mostly Bangladeshis), Africans and Chinese apart from Spanish nationals. The Gurdwara Sahib comprises of a modest but functional two-storey building. The ground floor includes the Guru Ka Langar hall and kitchen and accommodation facilities for the Granthi and Sewadar. The first floor comprises of the Darbar Sahib that is the most unique feature of our gurudwara

Rules that must be adhered to whilst on Gurudwara sahib premises:

  • Remove your shoes before entering the Darbar sahib.Shoe racks are available upon entering in the Gurudwara on the left.
  • Cover your head at all times whilst inside the Gurudwara premises.
  • Bow in front of the Guru Granth sahib ji when joining the sangat(Congregation) Inside the Gurudwara sahib.
  • Everyone sits cross-legged on the carpeted floor facing Guru-Granth Sahib ji whilst inside the Gurudwara sahib.
  • Everyone stands up during the Ardass(common prayer  to God).
  • Switch off  mobile phone before entering in the Gurudwara sahib.
  • No alcohol, tobacco, smoking or meat is allowed in the Gurudwara premises.


 Devotees can donate us by the following options:

  • Donate us by cash/cheque by calling to following persons:-

       –   Gurudwara Sahib ji          – 631 39 22 72


  • Donate us by posting a cheque to temple following address:-

       –   Calle ciudad de frias 25, Nave 6 Villaverde Alto 28021 Madrid

  • Donate us by online bank transfer to the below account:-

     –    Bank Name: La Caixa


           –    A/C No: 2100 1446 91 0200319547