Gurudwara Nanakar Madrid had been stablished in 2008 since then it has been in rented building.It is only one Gurudwara in Madrid (Spain).

As of today, we have spent huge money over the past 10 years to make this place decent and appropriate for Gurudwara.

Now the last week property’s owner has put the building on Sale and sent us a short notice to quit if we don’t buy it.

Its  cost 220000€  which is a challenge for our small sikh comunity of Madrid Spain even though we have decided to buy the building otherwise

we need to spent once again huge money not only on rent but also make it appropriate for Gurudwara.

To raise fund is possible only with the blessings of waheguru ji and generous contributions of allsaad sangat.

So that we humble request to all the saad sangat to donote for this good cause. Need money to build a Gurdwara in Madrid Spain